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Outsourcing Management Services, Vendor Management Outsourcing, Outsourcing Vendor Management

Publish Date: 19-10-2016 08:05:39 | Contact name: sapience Analytics | Location: INDIA | Place: Pune | 7 times displayed |

Analytics for Outsourcing Governance

Outsourcing is here to stay and in this work scenario,
it becomes critical for an organisation to consider outsourcing governanceto get the best result from its
vendor. While the vendor is responsible for delivery of services, the
accountability remains with the client organisation, thus making it essential
to manage risks at all time. But this is easier said than done. Current methods
are fraught with challenges that make it difficult to extract the most from
this relationship. The need of the hour is an outsourcing governance tool that overcomes the
hurdles that typically plague these relationships.

Challenges like lack of visibility and predictability
hinder progress. Current methods do share data on the project plan, timesheets,
current project status, etc. But this data is historical in nature and cannot
be used as a stepping stone to make improvements.

Deadlines are missed, project plans aren’t accurately
implemented and the budget invariably runs over. Many organisations simply
accept this or a blame game ensues. Also, most contracts are Time &
Material based, and thus, the longer the delay, the more the client pays. Of
course, there is always the option of a capped T&M, fixed costs and SLA
based contracts, but that too is a cost-output gamble.

Sapience offers a unique People Analytics
@ Work solution which gives the client the advantage of automated visibility
into the vendor’s team’s effort and output. The key benefits of this vendor
management service

Transparency: Get automatic updates on your vendor’s employee and
team effort (working time across activities) on a daily, weekly and monthly
basis. You are always aware of the effort versus output graph and can
immediately course correct in case of any productivity lag.

Dynamic staffing reduces cost by 20+%: With the Sapience utilisation analytics, there
is always accurate resource data available, making it easier to take decisions pertaining
to headcount, such reallocating resources between teams, etc. Since the number
of employees is as per current workload, organisations can benefit from as much
as a 20% reduction in the cost of outsourcing.

Retain top vendors and business models: You can compare vendor performances and
retain those that offer you a better cost-performance ratio model. Using the Sapience
tool, you can set result-oriented goals and payment terms that bring in
fairness and transparency in the business model.

This resource management softwareis a game changer and you
can enjoy enhanced value and trust between your organisation and your vendor.

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