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Most people may experience anal discomfort at some point in their Lives, but they don’t talk about it because it’s quite an embarrassing topic to discuss. The most common complain involve pain and itching and in some cases may even involve bleeding.
“Anal diseases are any abnormalities in anus and the most common anal disease are hemorrhoids, anal fissure which is a wound in the anus and then fistulas or yung pigsa na pumutok na hindi gumagaling.”
The risk increases especially if you have a poor diet and hygiene. Too much moisture in your bottom can also lead to itching. But why this anal ailments may temporarily cause discomfort and soreness. There are many ways to alleviate the situation.
“One of the main message is even if this are common condition, this are not life threatening condition, best to have check up just to make sure. Especially if you’re at age 40 or 50 or if you have changes the way you move your bowels. “
What type of food should you eat to avoid anal discomfort ?
What treatment options are available for this kind of medical condition ? All these and more tonight on medtalk.
Joining us tonight, Dr. Armando Crisostomo a colorectal surgeon at the QualiMed Health Network. He is also a former president of Philippine College of Surgeons. Also joining us tonight, Dr. Manuel Francisco Roxas Consultant Director of The Medical City Colorectal Clinic and the chairman of the Department of Surgery of the Medical City.
Host : So as colorectal surgeons, you tackled the medical concerns of the rectum and the anus. So tonight is about anal diseases. What are Anal disease?
Dr. Manuel: Well, there are many diseases can actually affect the anus so we call them anal diseases because they affect lost and there several very common once for instance hemorrhoids, fissures and the abscesses and fistulas as well as anal warts. But other than that there are other condition that should be brought by the attention of the Doctor also so there are many conditions. So we love them all because we discussing in a topic like this, in a forum like this.
Host: So before we go to the diseases of the anus and the rectum, let first understand the function of the rectum and the anus.
Dr. Arman: Well the rectum or the anus considered the terminal portion of the gastro intestinal track. It is part of the expiratory system. So any excess food or waste materials that our body ingest and no longer needs are expelled to the very important part of the anatomy called the anus or rectum. And here usually, as we become adults the stools which form part of the waste materials become somewhat solid in character. And in children or babies we have not developed that ability to voluntarily expel the contents of the rectum but as we get older we developed that capability to be able to detect whether we’re going to passed out gas, or whether going to passed out something very soft, or we have some diarrhea or whether what is going to come out in solid. So an appropriate time our anus or rectum is very sensitive organ in itself. Because it’s able to distinguish whether you’re going to pass gas, liquid or solid tools at appropriate time. So it gives you this signals which are processed by your brain so at an appropriate time you’ll go to the comfort room to expel yourself. Just imagine if you put a mixture of air, water and the solid in your hand. Can your hand be able to expel air only, liquid only your hand cannot do that but they say anus and rectum can do that. So that how important that portion of the anatomy.
Host : So people realize how important it is
Dr Manuel: They will realize it when they get older, when they aged. One of the most important structures of the anus is the muscle. It allows you to either you hold it when you don’t want it to go or to release it. And if there’s weakening in the muscles people will notice that they can’t hold it as well anymore so it called incontinence. The function of the rectum is to store these things. If you don’t want to release it, it allows you to store it. And then its releases it in one nice go. Without that function people will just go constantly and it doesn’t have that satisfying expulsion that the muscle of rectum provides. So very complex and fascinating organ also at least.
Host: And because it’s very complex, very fascinating would like learn more about it. And these diseases or the pain and irritation come because of certain medical conditions that are brought about by maybe controlling it or maybe releasing it too much. Let’s go now to the diseases that cause anal pain and probably irritation and discomfort. What among the common diseases that should we tackle first?
Dr Arman: Maybe the most common we have worldwide the hemorrhoids.
Host: Let’s start with hemorrhoids, what exactly are hemorrhoids. How do they form and which part of the anus is affected?
Dr. Arman: Well, every one of us even as newborn we we’re born with certain tissues in our anal rectal area which try to cushion the expulsion of the fatal material. Now because of the certain pee disposing condition like poor bowel habits in which you have to little fiber in your diet or you tend to be constipated or you strain too much as you move your bowels, these cushion slide down it become somewhat in flame. And inside this cushion are certain blood vessels also. So that when this blood vessel slides down some of them get traumatized and they result in some symptoms like bleeding. Now in general we have 3 types of hemorrhoids; we have the external hemorrhoids which is found outside and this is only sensitive and therefore the main symptom of these hemorrhoids is pain. The second type of hemorrhoids are more of the internal hemorrhoid and these are the blood vessel are located so when you have internal hemorrhoid, these are the one that presents bleeding. If you have both its called the mixed hemorrhoids, so these patient will have mixed hemorrhoid it will feel something bulging out when they have particularly difficult bowel movement and then sometimes they also have bleeding as well. So depending whether you have hemorrhoid that is located externally, internally or mixed one that will determine the kind symptom that you will present.
Host: You mention that it is common.
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